April 22, 2015

Summer iPhone Cases

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I'm a sucker for iPhone cases (you can probably tell by looking through my OOTDs that I have a lot...).  Different cases are a great way to express yourself as well as show of your personality on something you have with you almost all of the time.  I'd say I change my case about every season, which is why I decided to round up my favorite cases for Summer! I upgraded to the iPhone 6 earlier this month so I currently only own one case for my phone.  I haven't seen a huge difference between my old 5s and this 6, but I do like the bigger screen! I don't think I'd be able to deal with the 6+ though.  

I've also been having some pretty bad writers blog recently so please comment with some posts you'd like to see on the blog! I'd really like to hear your ideas.  


  1. I've always loved your Instagram, so maybe a post about how you make your Instagram photos so beautiful? :) I think it would also be interesting for you to do a roundup of your favorite outfits ever posted on the blog! Or perhaps a post highlighting some good new/more experienced/certain category bloggers that you like? Best of luck getting over the writers block! :)

    XO Paulina www.paulinamartin.com

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