April 23, 2015

Perfect Outfit with a Baseball Cap

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Baseball caps are the best for when you've overslept and don't have time to shower, or you're feeling a little under the weather.  Pop one on and no one will know that your hair is a day old.  I have a few favorite outfits for when I'm wearing my favorite caps.  I definitely tend to go for a sportier look when I have one on so converse and stripes usually do the trick! I love this Saint James top form j.crew.  It's so timeless and chic and absolutely perfect to wear to a sporting event.  Many of you may know that I recently purchased a pair of converse after not considering myself to be a sneaker person for many years.  But, I have honestly been wearing my converse so often, I love them! I'd highly recommend buying a pair because they're so great to have! 

If you're looking to show of your favorite MLB team this spring you should check out Fanatic's collection of hats! I love rocking my favorite team via a hat because most people in Dallas aren't a fan of the north eastern teams.  It's fun to be repping something different than all the others around me! 


  1. So cute. I definitely go the sporty outfit too! xx

  2. Great look! Love it!

    Lots of love,



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