February 11, 2015

Dorm Accessory Storage

After sharing my Dorm Makeup Storage  I got a lot of requests asking me to share how I store my jewelry in college.  In a tiny room, storage can be hard to come by, but I've found some great ways that work to store all of my jewelry without taking up too much room.  I may or may not have a lot of jewelry so I was worried going into college that I wouldn't be able to find a way to have all of my favorite pieces with me at school.

I bought this bracelet holder at Home Goods and it's perfect to store all of my bracelets.  I really like the look of this jewelry holder as oppose to one that's made of felt that can be kind of an eye sore.  This one blends in easily with the rest of my room.  It also sits nicely on top of my drawers that house medicine and food on top of the fridge!

When I was packing for school, I wasn't sure how I would bring all my earrings.  I had a piece of ribbon sitting on my bed next to me and decided to clip all my earrings onto it.  It was a great solution for bringing my earrings to school, so I decided to pin it up with a thumb tack and use it for storing my earrings all year! It's been really great so far and I love that it fits easily tucked away in this little awkward corner!

You might remember reading my Lilly Pulitzer DIY Dorm Decor post back in August where I made this box.  I now have it sat on my desk where it houses rings and some of my everyday jewelry pieces.  

I have this shelf from Ikea that's great for additional storage, but it's also where I keep all my necklaces.  I'm not allowed to use command strips on the walls (weird, right?) so I have four stuck on to the side of my shelf!

I store all of my bags on a pretty Anthropologie hook that I bought a few years back.  It's great because it's really strong and can hold all of my bags with no problem.  


  1. I love these! I think they are a great way to store your jewelry and add decor! These are great for dorms and first apartments!


  2. What is the bracelet holder made of? Does it have a brand name on the bottom of it? Thank you.



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