February 12, 2015

Books to Spice Up Your Bookshelf

I've mentioned before my obsession with this desk hutch that I purchased at the beginning of the semester.  It's freed up so much space on my desk and allowed me to add more personal touches to my room.

 I brought some cute smaller books I had laying around my room at home back with me because I knew I'd want to display them.  I really loved how they looked so I added a few more!


  1. I love this Emma! I wish I had room in my dorm to do something cute like this! I also love the Container Store!

  2. I love all of this! Those are the cutest monogrammed stemless wine glasses.
    Isabella | www.yepitsprep.com

  3. I have a book problem. And the problem is that I own so many, have so many more on my to-read list, and have no time to read any of them! (It also doesn't help that my sister works for a publisher and brings home bags and bags of books weekly!)



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