April 25, 2014

Lilly Pulitzer Summer 2014

I'm so obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer's newest collection of summer items! The pieces are really elegant and resemble some of Lilly Pulitzer's first pieces.  I love all of the shift dresses and lace detailing.  I can't deal with all of the adorable clothing items that are coming up for this summer (and my wallet can't either)!

Annabelle Halter Top

Franco Strapless Empire Dress

MacFarlane Lace Detail Shift Dress

Peachie Convertible Bikini

Liza Short
So it's safe to stay I love everything in the Sunglow Kissed By The Sun pattern.  Also, I just made my plans to go to the Lilly warehouse sale on June 7th! Is anyone else planning on going that day? Let me know!

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