January 22, 2019

14 Things I'm Loving in 2019

I think 2019 is going to be the year of re-discovering things I love. A lot of people use the new year as a chance to start fresh and challenge themselves to find new things and new parts of themselves. Even though I have also felt this way come the start of a new year, this January I am itching to pick back up older habits and get back to some things that I’ve loved. A lot of the items on this list aren’t necessarily things I newly discovered so far in 2019. Yet, they are old habits or favorites that are helping me grow as I make my way through 2019 and I am really excited about it. 
  1. Needlepoint - If you have been following the blog or Insta for awhile you will know that I love to needlepoint! It’s a random hobby I taught myself a few years back and I love it. It’s oddly soothing and a fun stress reliever. I'm currently working on a set of coasters from my favorite needlepoint canvas designer, Lycette!
  1. Jade rolling - I’m a little late at hopping on the Jade rolling train and wow, I can’t believe it’s taken so long. Honestly, I thought the whole concept seemed a little gimmicky, but after getting this Jade roller/gua sha set for Christmas I am hooked! It feels soooo nice and I think it honestly helps alleviate puffing.
  1. The Morning Toast - Carrying this one over from 2018, I looove this morning show/podcast/live stream (whatever it’s classified as!). Claudia and Jackie are so entertaining and funny, I love listening to them! Truly keeps me in tune with all of the random stuff going on in pop culture.
  1. Blue Bloods - I have been streaming this show since early November, there are so many episodes and seasons!! I am still making my way through but love the NYC/NYPD storylines!
  1. Quip Tooth Brush - One of my goals for 2019 is to take great care of my teeth! A few years ago my dentist told me my teeth are extra prone to cavities based on their shape (great news! I know…). Even still, I want to make more of an effort to floss every day and I thought an electric toothbrush would help me look after my teeth a little more too!
  1. Working Out - I want to work out at least 3 times a week (bonus points if I do it in the morning!). I want to make sure I am utilizing my gym membership in 2019. Plus, I kind of want to make more of an effort of getting up early and starting my morning as productive as possible. Currently, Class Pass is doing first month free so I signed up so that I can try it and I love it! There are SOOOO many classes available. My favorite class so far has been boxing at Shadowbox!
  1. The Points Guy - I was introduced to TPG via The Morning Toast! He’s a credit cards/points/travel expert and reading through the website helped me so much to navigate the credit card world before signing up for one. I ended up going with the Chase Sapphire Preferred because he recommended it’s great for starting out! So far so good, but I definitely feel so much more knowledgeable about this after reading TPG!
  1. Dermatologists (lol) - Maybe random BUT I am soooo grateful for my dermatologist! After struggling for cystic acne for the past year I finally made my way to a dermatologist. Why did I think I could figure out how to clear my skin on my own for almost a WHOLE YEAR? I tried everything on my own (serums, face masks, probiotics, you name it) but nothing helped my skin clear up completely. I’m kicking myself for not going to the derm sooner! So my message to you: if you are having problems with your skin go to the doctor!! 
  1. Glossier Sunscreen - On a similar note, now that my skin has started to clear up in 2019 I have realized I should probably stop being so stupid when it comes to protecting it. I’ve been using the glossier sunscreen under my makeup everyday to protect my skin from sun damage and pollutants.
  1. Photo Editing - My trip to the Bahamas reignited my love for editing pictures! I am still sometimes amazed by the technology that allows us to take an average looking iPhone picture and make it look amazing. My favorite apps are Snapseed (truly the best), VSCO and Tezza. Let me know if you’d like me to do a post about how I edit my photos!
  1. Everyday Jewelry - I love jewelry but up until recently I have never been someone that necessarily has pieces they wear every day. After one of my friends passed away last year, my friends and I decided to go to her favorite jewelry store and each bought something that we could have that reminded us of her. I bought this ring and even though it’s pretty simple the memory that is attached to it makes it truly beautiful to me. I’ve also been wearing another cable ring stacked with it along with a necklace that I received as a gift at graduation. I love how simple and meaningful all of these pieces are. 
  1. Sneakers - I don’t know if it’s living in New York or what but I love wearing sneakers in 2019. I used to hate wearing sneakers. My most worn pairs are these platform white supergas and this cute muted colorful pair from Veja!
  1. Guitar - I’ve been trying to pick up guitar again recently. I used to play all the time especially in High School and I really miss it! It’s another great form off stress relief and it’s really fun too!
  1. Rent the Runway Unlimited - After contemplating joining Rent the Runway’s subscription service for months I finally did it! You get to pick out 4 pieces at a time and can return them whenever you’re done. They have almost anything you could need: sweaters, blouses, jackets, jeans, even accessories! This has been a great move for me because I love shopping and getting new pieces in my wardrobe. Now, I can try new things constantly without paying for each piece individually. So far my favorite things that I've rented have been this purse and this blouse!
Originally I wanted this post to be "19 Things I'm Loving in 2019" but honestly I could only get to 14 before drawing a major blank. I've had this post sitting in my drafts for a few days so I finally decided I could forgo the cuteness of having "19" things for 2019 and just leave it at 14 haha.

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