November 20, 2017

Favorite Cold Weather Accessories

I've been back home in New Jersey for the past two days and I've already realized my "warm" outfits for Dallas just will not cut it when the weather is below fifty degrees. While my favorite outfits are a little warm already, with an additional warm accessory or two they would be perfect for this temperature. 

I forgot how much some of these cold weather accessories were necessary when spending anytime outside when the weather is just too cold. I have taken for granted being in Dallas during the winters because most of the year it is nice enough to hang out outside with just a light jacket on. 

Penguin Fuzzy Socks These socks are absolutely perfect for the coldest days where you really don't want to ever leave your bed. They would make a cute gift for the holidays too!

Leopard Scarf This scarf is really cool because it looks like it is part of the jacket or sweater you're wearing when you hang it around your neck.

Tartan Scarf Most of us have a staple winter jacket that is a solid, neutral color. This tartan scarf is great to bring in some color and pattern to an otherwise monotone outfit. 

Grey Scarf I absolutely love these cashmere scarves. I have one in this color and another in black. They are absolutely perfect to pair with a light jacket or something really heavy in the dead of winter. They're also great for traveling too because they can be laid out as an impromptu blanket or balled up and used as a pillow. 

Pink Fingerless Gloves These are great gloves if you want to keep warm but know you'll have to be using a touch screen device while you're outside. Sometimes gloves that are touch screen compatible just can't do the trick, but these are perfect!

Light Blue Beanie / Red Beanie These are two great beanie/hat options that will make any outfit pop. I love to work around colorful beanies like this and put together cute outfits for this time of year.

Earmuffs I always forget about earmuffs until I actually need them. Note to self: these are the cutest and won't make you look crazy with something wild on your ears. 

Tan Fur Gloves  An alternative to fingerless gloves are these super warm fur gloves. 


  1. I love the pom pom hat trend. I keep seeing people rock the trend on Instagram. I wish Atlanta got cold enough to rock the trend.

    1. I totally get what you mean! In Dallas, it hardly gets cold enough for a hat but when I'm home in New Jersey I get my hat fix!

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