November 13, 2017

Blue Sweater

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Fall in Dallas is weird. Scratch that, weather in Dallas is just plain weird. The day I was shooting this outfit was one of the first "cool" days we've really had. It was probably in the mid-sixties. Then just two days later it was in the forties and another day later it was back up in the eighties! After four years of Fall here, I'm starting to crave the weather I grew up loving back in the northeast during this time of year. 

I fell in love with this sweater the moment I saw it. The blue and white pattern is my favorite and I think it is perfect for Dallas because it doesn't scream Fall. Wearing typical fall colors and patterns sometimes feels weird to me here because the weather is so warm. 

I purchased these mules back during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale at the end of the summer and I have been shocked by how much wear I have gotten out of them! I'm so glad I purchased them because they have been a perfect transition piece for Fall. They're also now 40% off, so they're probably even less expensive than they were when I purchased them during the sale! 

This bag has been one of my most used bags recently after I got it at the end of September! I have been in love with this bag for a few years and finally decided to purchase it after saving for it forever. Neiman Marcus was having a $600 gift card rebate event last month (which they're having again now!!) and since I used Ebates when I purchased it online I saved another $250! The deal was pretty great because I was able to save about $850! I know I will cherish this bag forever! 

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