September 14, 2017

Senior Year Sorority House Desk Tour

Any post I do where I get to show you a little bit of my room is really fun for me.  This post kicks off my last round of "tours" for college rooms! It's crazy that it's already gone by that quickly. This year I am living in my sorority house with 40 other girls and so far have been loving it! It's fun to live with so many people and being so close to everything has been great too. Especially since I lived in an apartment last year I like living in house because there's always something going on or people around to hang out with. 

The rest of my room isn't ready for a full room tour just yet, but my desk has come together. It's nothing too fancy and honestly a little cluttered, but perfectly stores everything I need it to! My bed faces my bed this year with a small dividing wall which serves as a nice shelf to keep my bracelets, some books, and washi tape (ha!). 

On my actual desktop I have my earrings on this great earring holder (only $5!) Some of my earrings are just a little too big and take up more than half of the whole holder! When I was first looking for a mirror last year I had trouble finding one that was sort of cute and not silver. This square one is perfect and this year I've stacked it up on a few books to bring it up to the perfect height to do my makeup. 

I recently took off the marble laptop skin I had on my computer for three years and replaced it with this cool blue one that I designed with CaseApp! I have loved playing around on their website because you can take pretty much any picture or pattern you have and make it into your own personalized case for your phone or computer! The palm leaf phone case in a few of these pictures sitting on my desk is also from CaseApp. If you use the code SERENDIPITYDASH20 you can get 20% off all of their cases.

Previous Room Tours: 

Keep an eye out for a full room tour soon! Can't wait to share more of my room in the sorority house with y'all!

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