September 1, 2017

Friday Five 9/1

Happy Friday!!! Today has been a crazy busy week, so I'm looking forward to having an extra day in the weekend this week.  It's already September, but I have to admit, August has gone by kind of slowly.  I think it's because so much has happened and changed this month.  From going to Martha's Vineyard, finishing my internship, starting school again and getting some things done for my sorority, I've managed to fit a lot into this month.

1. My biggest project this summer was planning and preparing for my sorority's Back to School party! We haven't really done anything like this in the past, but as soon as I took over the position of VP of Public Relations last year I knew this was something I wanted to do. It turned out to be such a fun way to celebrate the start of the school year.  We had a delicious cake from Cade's Cakes (pausing for a second because if you haven't tried Cade's Cakes and your live in Dallas you need to order one for your next occasion! but do it way in advance because she usually books up pretty fast!).  I was so excited to have Smilebooth come with their gif photo booth (shown above).  Overall it was a very fun day and I was excited it all came together!

2. It's almost been a week since Hurricane Harvey disrupted many lives here in Texas. I'm so grateful everyone I know who is from Houston is safe and their families are too. If you are looking for ways to help, this article outlines some great relief efforts to support.

3. I showed these shoes on my Instagram story earlier this week.  I love them, but had trouble wearing them at first because I couldn't find the right outfit. I've finally figured out some good outfits to wear them with and have been living in them the past two days!

4.  I mentioned last week that this Saturday is our first football game of the year! I still have no idea what I want to wear and I'm now kicking for myself for not thinking about this sooner!

5.  I saw this top in Zara last week and thought it was so cool but had absolutely no clue how I'd wear it, so I left it at the store. But I am going to Vegas in about a month and think it could be cute to wear while I'm there! What are your thoughts? It's a little more adventurous than my normal wardrobe, but that might be what Vegas calls for...

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  1. I am SO excited football is back in season! Love your Friday Five!
    Lauren | Pretty as a Peony



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