July 14, 2017

Friday Fives 7/14

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Happy weekend everyone! The weather in New York today kind of sucks, but I'm so excited it's Friday! This week has been majorly productive because I got a post up everyday! In fact, I had six posts go live in the past 5 days! That hasn't happened since.. I don't even know when the last time that happened was to be honest. 

1. There's a new online grocery store where everything's $3.  It's all "brand-less" which is honestly so up the stereotypical millennial alley, and I love it. I'm definitely curious to see how this checks out.

2. I pretty much only want to wear this outfit from now on; it's so comfortable! Did you catch it on the blog this week? 

3. Game of Thrones season 7 starts this week, but I just started season 1! I know... I'm a little late on the GOT train but it's pretty good so far! Do any of y'all watch? 

4. I may be crazy, but I bought this during Amazon Prime day... it was on sale! It just looks so comfy and perfect for sunbathing on the beach. 

5. I can't wait to get this top in the mail, I ordered it in red and think it would look so cute with white jeans! I'm sure y'all will see it on the blog soon. 

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