July 3, 2017

Busy Bee

I tend to always keep myself busy.  I easily get bored, so in order to avoid that I like to make sure I'm always working on something.  I'm usually pretty good at balancing everything but recently I've felt very worn down creatively.

I've been spending most of my time this summer working at my internship in the city, which I absolutely love.  I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to work for such an amazing company where I have been learning so much about advertising, an industry that I am really inspired by.  Most of my free time outside of that has been spent planning things for my sorority next semester, which of course is very fun, but very time consuming when I only have a few hours at night to work on it.

This has not left a lot of time for me to focus on my blog, which ultimately makes me a little sad.  I've spent the past few weekends feeling guilty as I sit by the pool or just simply watch TV because I know I could be working on a post but just didn't want to or felt like I had the energy to.

Even when I have put aside time to write blog posts or shoot outfits these past few weeks, I've felt like I haven't felt proud of the end result and sometimes kept those posts as drafts instead of publishing them.  It made me think that when I started this blog I didn't care what I was blogging about, I was just blogging about whatever I wanted.  I think I've started putting too much pressure on looking perfect on here through my pictures and the content I'm coming up with, but does that even really matter in the long run? Obviously I'm not a perfect person, no one is.  So why am I striving towards this unachievable goal on here?

Tonight, I tweeted about how I was feeling and was comforted to see that many of you who blog feel similar about being uninspired or unmotivated.  It was even more comforting to see though that so many of you love the content I post on here.  It's so easy to forget that there's actually someone reading what I'm writing on this platform, but it's nice to hear positive feedback from you guys.

I'm not entirely sure where this post is going, but I felt like I needed to get it out there. There are some seriously exciting things coming to the blog soon that I can't wait to tell you all about, so bare with me as I try to get back on track with things on here.  I loved that there was once I time where I was posting five days a week and while I don't know if I'll ever get back to that, I do still love doing this and do want to post as much as I can! I hope you will enjoy the content I'll be putting out in the future as I start to post about whatever may be on my mind that week.

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