June 6, 2017

June Playlist

Yesterday I started my summer internship in New York! I'm so excited but definitely a little nervous too.  Starting something new is always daunting, but I keep reminding myself that it's completely normal to be nervous.  I'm so excited for the opportunity I have this summer, to be working for an amazing company that I truly admire, that it honestly hasn't felt real yet.

Last summer I spent far too many hours on the train commuting from New Jersey and back each day.  I pretty much listened to the same playlist everyday the entire summer, which ended up being so comforting to listen to the same songs as I started and ended my days.

I'm truly loving the playlist I put together this month and can totally see it becoming my go-to commuting playlist this year. I've discovered Khalid recently and I can't stop listening to 8TEEN. It's such a good song!



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