March 24, 2017

Friday Five


1. Is anyone keeping up with the NCAA tournament? This year I've been obsessed.  Unfortunately, SMU did not make it past the first round, but I've been tuning in to some of the games to keep track of my bracket.  My family and I have a competition going and I'm excited to see who will win!

2. My family picks up our new puppy, Ellie today!!! Make sure you're following my instagram if you want to see the cutest pictures of her!

3. I recently purchased this cleanser/makeup remover that everyone raves about. Has anyone else tried it?

4. I absolutely love this striped blouse on Emma from Emma Andree!

5. My friends and I listened to El Taxi by Pitbull so much while we were in Miami.  Even over a week later, I still can't get it out of my head! It's such a catchy song and will always remind me of our spring break trip!

Enjoy the weekend!

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