February 9, 2017

Big Little Week Recap

Last week was such an exciting week in my sorority: Big-Little week! Everyone looks forward to this week as it is a chance to spoil the new members in our sorority.  Our bid day was only two or three weeks ago, but Tri Delt nationals makes us send in our big-little pairs just after eleven days, so everything happens so fast.  I actually didn't know my little before we got paired, which made the whole week even more exciting and nerve-wracking! 

I wanted to share what I gave to her each day because it was so exciting.  I had so much fun figuring out what types of things she'd like and crafting for her.  This week pretty much summed up everything I love doing: giving people gifts, crafting, and arranging baskets (you'll see in the photos below)! 

The first day was "snack/candy" day.  I may have gone overboard with her favorite snacks and other snacks that were Tri Delt colors- blue and yellow! 

Day 2 was flower day.  I gave my little her favorite flowers, some t-shirts and a cute frame to hang pictures on that I made! I printed out some Tri Delt themed polaroids with my polaroid printer to hang. 

On Day 3 we were suppose to give our littles their costumes for the reveal.  In my sorority you dress your little in a matching costume to yours and one by one they find their match! It's hard to explain, but it's really cute. My little and I dressed up as Hershey Kisses! I gave her a canvas, some cups, and t-shirts on this day also! 

The next day was bin day! This is by far the most exciting day.  I don't think a lot of other schools do this, but at SMU each sorority has the bigs give their littles bins full of their sororities stuff.  It's so exciting to see all of the bins set up in the dining room and I know the littles absolutely love it.  I gave her so many shirts, canvasses, wooden letters, hats, and cups.  I had so much fun making everything and collecting different things over the past year to give to her! 

Finally, here's a picture from the reveal! The Hershey Kiss costumes were so cute and different and I think we'll both be able to wear these silver pieces for different costumes in the future! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about big little week last week! This was sort of a different post, but pretty fun to write.  Honestly, I wish I could've been a little again because getting spoiled like this by your big is so exciting. 



  1. I love the week leading up to reveal! It's so fun to craft gifts for your little.

    Bryn | the-wine-chronicles.blogspot.com

  2. I love Big Lil reveals SO much! I remember so vividly crafting for my little and praying she'd like everything I made her.

    xoxo, Veronica



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