December 15, 2016

Favorite Wrapping Paper

Today's post is a little outside the box (ha, no pun intended!).  If you were to ever ask me what my guilty pleasure is, I'd have to say it's present wrapping.  Anytime of the year, I love it, but during the Holidays there are so many more opportunities to pull out all the stops with wrapping presents so I try to take advantage of it any chance I can get.  I make my mom leave any present that isn't for me out so that I can get my wrapping fix. 

I think I love wrapping presents so much because I truly love giving gifts.  Tracking down the perfect gift for each person is so much fun, so of course I want to make sure it's wrapped perfectly as well. 

Since I've been keeping my eye out for any cute wrapping supplies recently, I decided to make a post all about it. I know that some of you must appreciate present wrapping just a little bit, so look no further for all your wrapping supplies! 

My favorite thing that I've come across this year are these jingle bells. Let's just say my mom was more than apprehensive when I put these in our cart at target earlier this week, but she admitted they look too cute tied on top of a present.  

Here are some of my faaaavorite wrapping papers and accessories that I've found this season: 

FYI Container store is having 20% off all gift wrap!! A lot of this selection is from the container store (aka gift wrap heaven). 

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