August 8, 2016

Martha's Vineyard Recap + Photos

It was so nice to get a few days off from work last week and head out on vacation.  My family has been taking a trip to Martha’s Vineyard for the past few years and it’s definitely something I look forward to all summer.  This year I met up with them on Wednesday, and even though I was there a few days less than the rest of my family, it was still so relaxing.  The weather ended up being almost perfect everyday that I was there, which made me happy because we hit the beach a lot

Me and my brother, Will, in Nantucket
I landed in the tiny Martha’s Vineyard airport at around 9:30am on Wednesday morning, which was actually pretty fun because the airport is so tiny (almost non existent really…).  Plus, my flight was only about 30 minutes from JFK (talk about nicest flight ever!) The house we were renting was only about a 5 minute drive from the airport, so I got to set my stuff down and unsettle right away.  It was nice to get a full day on Wednesday in the vineyard. 

We decided to go to Long Point beach that afternoon.  It’s my family's favorite beach on the island.  You have to drive up a dirt road for about 7 minutes until you get to a small parking lot, where you then have to carry your stuff through the sand for another 5 minute walk but it’s so worth it! The beach is pretty quiet and there’s also a little lake sort of thing to swim in without any waves.  Later that night we went to Atlantic in Edgartown, which has nice views of the harbor and great crab guacamole! 

On Thursday my mom and I got up early and went into Edgartown to do a little shopping.  We first stopped for breakfast at Rosewater Market, one of my new favorite spots.  I had an amazing breakfast sandwich: egg, bacon, onion, and avocado on a delicious english muffin! We also had a caprese sandwich one day and it was perfect. Plus, I found my new favorite drink, Springdrift seltzer water!! SO good, and available at target! 

On Friday we decided to take the ferry to Nantucket.  We have never been and wanted to see what it was like on the other Island.  We had a lot of fun exploring and shopping.  We decided to go to Galley beach for lunch, which was amazing and so relaxing.  For a snack we couldn’t pass up the highly recommended Juice Bar— and it was really good! In the pink, the lilly store in Nantucket, was having an amazing sale and I even got to meet a few readers which was really fun! (If you want a haul with what I got on this trip, comment down below!)

Saturday was supposed to be a wash out, but it turned out to be pretty nice (especially in the morning) and only got cloudy in the afternoon.  We went for breakfast at our favorite restaurant Beach Plum Inn.  They used to serve dinner (which was amazing and the view was perfect at sunset), but now they’re only serving breakfast.  We all enjoyed sitting outside for the delicious meal.  

Then, we went to Aquinah Cliffs to take in the gorgeous view.  It is unlike anything I’ve seen on the east coast.  It’s definitely worth venturing out to.  The view kind of reminds me a little of the Amalfi coast in a way. It was just so beautiful.  

I'm so sad that my trip flew by as quickly as it did, but it was so nice to be back in one of my favorite places for a few days.


  1. Love that pink gingham dress! Where is it from?

    Ashley //

    1. Hey Ashley! You can find the dress here:

  2. Great post, Emma! I'd love to see a haul (:

  3. Oh my gosh everything about this place is so dreamy!! Martha's Vineyard is at the top of my travel list!



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