August 31, 2016

End of Summer Cocktail Dresses

As the school season comes around there are more uses for cocktail dresses. Whether it’s a formal, back to school dance, or just a fun event, purchasing cute, bright cocktail dresses now is great because a lot of the summery ones are on sale. 

I was actually surprised to find the orange dress above available online because I actually wore it to my senior convocation three years ago! I'm surprised they're still selling it, but it's one of my favorite dresses that I have ever worn!

Another great thing about these dresses are that most of them are on sale! Since it's the end of season, it's easier to find great prices on the dresses that may have caught your eye earlier on in the summer. 


  1. These dresses are all gorgeous! Love the geometric print one!

    Rachel /

  2. These are great! I'm such a sucker for anything lace or off-the-shoulder :)

  3. Love the dresses. I really want that peach ruffles dress.!In-pursuit-of-that-perfect-sundress/cmbz/57b49ce60cf24f54a823b67a

  4. Would definitely go for the geometric print one and the orange solid colored dress. Lovely!

  5. In selecting cocktail dresses, it's far better to pick a style you feel comfy putting on and also to look like fashionable. The first task is to find out your body type. Dresses for semi formal occasions could be a little bit less textured when compared with formal functions.cocktail dresses for juniors



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