July 15, 2016

Friday Finds 7.15

Happy Friday people! This week has gone by fast, but also kind of slow at the same time.  (You know what I mean?).  The summer is starting to go by so fast and before I know it I'll be heading back to school, which I'm excited about but I'm not exactly sure I want to trade in days at the pool for days in the library just yet. 

Speaking of trading Summer for Fall, the Nordstrom anniversary sale just started! While I can never get used to the idea of shopping for Fall in the middle of spring, they do have some great deals.  If you're a Nordstrom card holder you can shop now, but if you're not the sale opens up next Friday. 

This cardigan is so cute (I love the little bit poking out at the bottom), but these booties are catching my eye right now.  

ATTN SCARF LOVERS! This is the cutest scarf for fall!!

If you're obsessed with pool floats right now, check out this one.  I've never seen this color before!

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I agree with you that this week seems like it has gone fast, but slow! Also, the flamingo pool float is super cute, I love the rose gold color!

    Ashley // MyWellDressedLife.com



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