June 30, 2016

How I Made $1000 in Two Weeks (You Can Too!)

When I came back from college this year, I realized how much stuff I own.  I already had a lot of clothes at home so bringing back all of my clothes from college was overwhelming.  I didn't need it all, and I certainly wasn't using it all.

I already had a few bins of old clothes (going back to high school!) that were just sitting in a corner.  After going through my more recent stuff, I had a lot of clothes to get rid of.  But, a lot of the stuff I used to wear is in great condition.  Rather than donating it, (which I still did with a lot of unsellable items that were either t-shirts or more used clothes) I decided to sell it.

I've been into selling my clothes on eBay for many years, but I've only ever made a few hundred dollars here and there selling big items like handbags or shoes.  I decided to try Poshmark on a whim and I'm so happy I did!

my closet

Poshmark is an app that is just for selling/buying clothes (and other fashion accessories), which makes it so much easier than eBay.  Everyone on the app is looking for clothes or buying clothes, as oppose to eBay where you have people looking for all sorts of things.  Plus, for some reason on Poshmark it only takes me a few minutes to put up a listing, whereas on eBay it takes a little longer.

Because of this, it's so much easier to sell things that might not necessarily have the most brand recognition.  For example, a shirt I bought at a local boutique wouldn't have sold on eBay, but on Poshmark it did.  So, even if you feel like you don't have any brand name things to sell, it's still worth a shot on Poshmark!

The only downside of Poshmark is that they take 20% of your sales, but I think it's worth it because you get exposure to a lot of buyers looking for products like the ones you are selling.

I know it seems maybe too simple, listing your old clothes online.  But, I am shocked at how much money I've been able to make in the past few weeks alone.

We all have clothes we aren't wearing that would ordinarily just sit in our closets for (maybe) the rest of our lives.  Listing these things online can help you make some money to either save, or spend on new clothes!

If you want to check out my "closet" you can do so, here!

*this post is completely not sponsored by Poshmark, or any other company, I just really love the app and think you all will too!


  1. Yay!! So glad you decided to do this post... I really need to go through my stuff as the summer ends and start selling some things xox



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