June 8, 2016

DIY Piñata Inspired Artwork

I'm so excited to be sharing this fun, and incredibly easy, DIY today! I've become a little obsessed with piñatas lately.  Overtime I see one, no matter what it's shared like, I want it.  When I stumbled across these fun fringe tape strips, I thought they would just be so cute for a project, but I didn't know what that project would be.  Until the other day when I thought how cute they may look framed! 

You'll need...
- plain paper (can be any size you like, I just used printer paper!)
- any frame 
-fringe tape! (pink/red and gold)

1. Start by taking whichever color you want to use first and lining it up at the bottom of your paper.  Figure out how long of a piece you'll need, and rip the rest off. These pieces are really flexible and rip easily, so you don't need a scissor.  
2. Next, tape your piece down to the end of the paper lining up the end of the fringe with the bottom of your paper. 
3. Continue this, alternating colors, for the rest of the paper! I decided to line my pieces up so they just covered the part of the tape that isn't fringed! 
4. After you've finished taping your paper, you'll notice that it's very flat.  In order to give more of a 3D effect (that looks really cool in a frame) I took my fingers and ran them over the fringe to mess it up a little.  The gold paper isn't as flexible so you kind of have to use more force and actually fold those pieces over. 
5. Simply put your art in a frame and you're good to go! I used a frame with a mat that was slightly smaller than the paper itself so it cut off the edges, which was nice because they were a little uneven! 

How simple was that? If you try out this DIY, send me a picture! I'd love to see it! You'll definitely find this hanging on my wall at school next year! 


  1. This is so fun! I think I may make one of these for my dorm room gallery wall, I love it. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Isn't it fun? I have been loving pinatas recently so I will probably be hanging this in my gallery wall next year too! Send me a picture if you make one!

  2. Such a good idea Emma, and so creative!! This would be so fun for apartment decor xoxox

    1. Thanks, Victoria! That's exactly what I'm planning on using it for!

  3. This is so cute! Perfect for from decor!



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