May 31, 2016

Summer Swimsuits

one / two / three / four / five / six

Bathing suits are so much better in the summer.  Yes, you might buy a bathing suit or two before going on Spring Break, but there's nothing like your favorite summer bathing suits.  There's so many cute bathing suits out right now, and I feel like there is more emphasis on having a cute bathing suit as of recently. 

How amazing is #4, the Grey Malin printed bikini!!!! SO CUTE.  I've admired the prints for a long time, but never imagined one of the prints could be on a bathing suit.  

Also, have you heard Victoria's Secret is discontinuing their swimsuit line? I'm sorry, but one of the only reasons I really shop at VS is for their swimsuits, and I'm sure I can't be alone.  I'm surprised that they're doing this, but it means that they are having a great sale!! 40% off all of their swimwear with the code SAVE40SWIM! 

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