May 17, 2016

Black Cotton Tobi Dress

My ideal outfit would be a comfortable dress and my denim jacket.  I'm sure you can notice by how many outfits I've posted wearing some variation of this, that my ideals hold true. I find dresses more comfortable than pants even, which makes people question my outfit choices sometimes. The number of times I get, "Why are you so dressed up?" on an average class day.  How I see it is that by wearing a dress you're essentially wearing a big sack of fabric, and what could be more comfortable than that? (nothing!)

This Tobi dress is great because it's amazingly comfortable and a great shape.  It's not like every other swing dress because it's actually tailored in right under the chest.  So, it gives a little more dimension to the average outfit.  

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  1. Such a perfect Spring outfit! I'm currently on the hunt for a denim jacket, so that I can essentially wear that outfit to work, haha!


    1. Emily, Madewell makes a great denim jacket! I wear mine all the time and it's so comfortable. I also own another one that is a darker wash with less holes from Old Navy that may work for what you're looking for!



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