March 18, 2016

Friday Finds // Mar. 18

The Nutty Honey at Emporium Pies

Happy Friday!

ONE // Pi Day!
On Monday, I headed to a delicious pie shop (Emporium Pies in Dallas!) with a few of my friends.  We definitely weren't the only ones craving Pie on Pi day because the line was down the street! We waited for about an hour and forty five minutes, which gave us plenty of time to learn the number Pi to the twentieth decimal place, which would earn us a free slice.  Upon arrival I only knew 3.14, but by the time I made it to checkout I could recite 3.14159265358979323846 and got me free slice!

TWO // Zara Spring
I hardly ever shop at Zara because there aren't really a lot near me.  However, there's a Zara about 20 minutes away from my school and while a friend and I were shopping at that mall we popped in to reminisce about our trips to Zara while studying abroad this summer.  I fell in love several times while meandering around the racks and had to take several trips to the dressing room because I was picking up so many items.  If you'd like to see a haul with what I purchased comment down below!

THREE // Creative Pollution PSA
We all have short nose hair to protect ourselves from dirt and other particles coming up our noses and contaminating our bodies.  This PSA exaggerates this part of our bodies to raise the point: what if pollution causes our nose hairs to grow out of control? This is an interesting video that's a little silly, but a big wake up call to bring together efforts to fight pollution, especially in China.

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