February 29, 2016

3 Pairs of Shoes You Need Right Now

I made this video while on the plane yesterday.  I have some footage and free time, so I decided to embark on a fun project.  I'm happy I decided to do this because the plane ride flew by (no pun intended).  

I never thought of myself as a shoe addict until I went to college and realized I have three (overflowing) bins of shoes.  I've realized that the shoe can really make the outfit.  An average outfit can be completely brought to life with a bright shoe.  It's almost an unexpected twist that may not be noticed until you see the full look.

My three favorite shoes at the moment are my blue pumps, lace up espadrilles, and leopard ballet flats.  The blue pumps are sophisticated but the color makes them fun, while the espadrilles are perfect for spring and summer nights out to dinner. The ballet flats can be worn with almost any outfit on a regular occasion.


  1. Such a cute video! Where is the acrylic table/tray from? Thank you!

    xoxo Madeline | www.theblackbarcode.com

  2. Where are the blue shoes from?



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