January 6, 2016

NYC Wandering

JACKET: Burberry / SCARF: Club Monaco / SHIRT: Club Monaco

SKIRT: Club Monaco (Similar) / BOOTS: AndrĂ© Assous / BAG: Rebecca Minkoff

After yesterday's weather, It's hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, on Christmas, it was 70 degrees.  My original plan to walk outside in just a skirt and top was immediately thrown out when I saw it wouldn't be much warmer than 30 degrees.  Naturally, I threw on my Burberry quilted coat that I wear with almost everything and this amazingly soft scarf from Club Monaco.  This scarf is one of my favorites because it's not only warm, but it's so versatile.  Plus, it's perfect for traveling because you can lay it out as a blanket to keep you warm on a plane or in a car.  

For the sake of photos I braved the cold and took off my jacket for a short few minutes.  It was freezing, guys! I definitely regretted not wearing tights to cover up the part of my thighs that wasn't covered by my boots or skirt.  


  1. This look is super cute! I especially love your jacket and boots!

  2. I love hat top! This look is so cute! How I wish that I could go back to NYC!

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  3. SO gorgeous girl, and I love the outfit! I would never be brave enough to go out in a skirt in 30 degree weather :)



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