December 23, 2015

New Year's Eve Dresses

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2016 is just around the corner.  This time next week, we'll all have the fresh start we've been looking for which leaves the perfect opportunity to start something new or hit the "reset" button.   But before we can do any of that, we need to celebrate. No celebration is complete without the perfect ensemble to ring in the new year just right.  This year my family and I will be in Vermont over New Year's and will go to the celebration at the hotel, which is a little different than what I've done the past few years.  Last year I hosted some friends, so the dress was pretty casual.  And two years ago I was asleep at eight after arriving back from London that morning (#jetlag).  

The search for the perfect New Year's cocktail dress was harder than I expected.  I'm the biggest fan of online shopping (you never have to leave your bed, you can see what everything looks like on a person).  But this was definitely something I needed to shop for in person.  I came across the perfect dress in Saks by Parker (pictured above #8!).  Normally I would've never thought about buying this dress because it retailed for around $462.  Although I love Parker's beaded dresses, that was way out of my price range.  Luckily, Saks is having an amazing sale right now, so the dress was 60% off! I think I ended up paying around $160 for the dress, which is a great deal in my opinion.  Plus, I'll definitely be wearing this dress on multiple occasions.  If you're looking for a dress for New Year's or any event soon check out Saks's sale section.  

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  1. I really love that 4th gold metallic dress! So pretty!

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.



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