November 2, 2015

Poncho Love

I remember the knit ponchos I used to wear in elementary school.  Specifically, a bright purple one that I loved.  Looking back, I would never think that I would be able to wear one again and love it just the same.  Now, ponchos today are a little oversized and effortlessly chic (and certainly not bright purple).  Everywhere I go I find myself wanting to try on ponchos.  I have had to stop myself a few times because I already own two and haven't worn them that often that I feel like I could justify buying another.  Instead of shopping for myself, I'm shopping for ya'll today! My eyes were so hungry for ponchos that I've been obsessed with finding different style ponchos online.  I've definitely added a few to my christmas list...


  1. I have never tried wearing a poncho, but I've seen them everywhere and I really want to! You look great!!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  2. Your poncho is so pretty, I love how you styled it!
    xo, Syd



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