October 23, 2015

Friday Finds // Design Darling Shopping Night

I need to start off today's post with an apology for not posting yesterday or on time today! School work has kicked me in the butt, yet again.  Sophomore year is so much harder than I could've imagined and I don't think I've had a week without any sort of test, quiz, essay or project in a very long time.  So, blogging has kind of had to be put on the back burner recently which makes me unhappy but school work must come first!

Yesterday, I was so excited to shop at the Design Darling pop up shop! Last year, Mackenzie hosted a pop up shop in NYC with a few other vendors (Including Inslee, Society Social, and Loren Hope) and I was gutted that I couldn't go shop the event myself so I sent my Mom instead.  She had so much fun shopping the event.  When I found at Mackenzie was having a similar event in Dallas I was thrilled.  Now, if only I had an apartment to buy all of her adorable decor for! I guess my tiny dorm room will just have to look super cute until then.  

The event was so fun and her merchandise was absolutely adorable.  I had to limit myself to just a few items and I'm so happy with everything I got.  I picked up a small round hedge, lisi lerch earrings, a pink and gold print, and a business card holder.  All of which, you'll probably see posted on my instagram at some point!



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