September 3, 2015

Sunglasses Collection

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Just because summer is over doesn't mean you need to put away your sunglasses.  I tend to really wear my sunglasses most in the warmer months when I'm headed to the beach or pool, but it still can be really sunny in the fall, and even winter! I keep a pair in my car always for when I'm driving, and always take a pair with me to class.  

My absolute favorite brand for sunglasses is Ray Ban, and I'm sure a lot of you are with me on this.  My pair of classic aviators are worn the most out of all my sunglasses because they go with just about everything.  I also have a pair of fun, green mirrored lens aviators that I love especially in the summer.  Also from Ray Ban, I love my Cats 3000 which I get a lot of comments asking about the name of them!

Recently I fell in love with Le Specs sunglasses as some of you may know.  They have a lot of great trendy pairs but aren't as expensive as Ray Ban.  I love the Hey Macarena pair and the No Smirking pair (they're both tortoise with mirrored lenses!).  

Great places to find cheap, trendy sunglasses are places that you're already buying clothes.  I love looking at the sunglass sections of Gap and Urban Outfitters, but recently while strolling through & Other Stories, I found the most gorgeous clear framed, mirrored lens glasses! You can see them lined up in a few photos! I've seen sunglasses like this everywhere and was so happy to find these for just above $20!

 Something really cool that I'm excited about is that my friend Brooke (you may recognize her from a few of my Italy photos), along with a few other of her friends from high school, have their own company selling sunglasses, called Sawyer Sunglasses!! There not just any sunglasses though.  They're really unique because they're made of wood, which makes them so versatile and the best part is that they float! So you never have to fear of dropping your sunglasses while out on a boat or swimming because if they do fall in the water, they'll be safe.  I love the design and they look great on both men and women! Plus, they have a ton of great styles! They kindly sent me these ones and I absolutely love them and have nothing else like it!

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