September 30, 2015

Fall Wishlist

A week from Thursday, I'll be headed home for Fall break, which I'm so excited for.  Mostly so I can take plenty of photos for the blog in Fall clothes while not dying of heat.  It's funny because I feel like I want to post fall outfits since many of ya'll are ready to bring out the sweaters, while I'm actually still wearing tank tops and jack rogers! The other day I tried to head outside in a flannel and jeans, but just couldn't do it because it was that hot outside.  Also, I would've gotten some bizarre looks as I walked out of my dorm.

With that being said, Fall is by far my favorite season to shop for.  Maybe that's why I feel like I'm missing out on the opportunities to wear my favorite fall items.  Instead of actually shopping for fall, I've done a lot of window shopping and compiled my ultimate fall wishlist for ya'll who actually will be experiencing fall (ok, getting a little overboard here.  Fall will hit Texas, eventually).

Click on the items to shop and use to arrows to scroll!

What's on your fall wishlist?


  1. This is such a great post, I love seeing fall wish lists! I am hoping for some more chunky sweaters and sweater dresses. I actually just purchased another pair of suede booties yesterday, and those were totally on my wish list!

    Mackenzie |

  2. I love all of your picks! Vests are definitely on my list, I've never owned one!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  3. I love wishlists! Now I'm really crushing on that sweater with the classes.... So cute!



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