July 28, 2015

Travel Bags

This summer I've done more traveling than I've ever done in such a short time span.  After next week, I will have spent just shy of eight weeks traveling, and I love it.  I absolutely love traveling.  There's something special about discovering a new place and discovering what it has to offer or return to an old one and being surprised with everything you missed last time.  While packing for my trip to Martha's Vineyard I brought back out my favorite bags to travel with and was relieved that I didn't have to think about weight limits.  Let's just say the last pack-up in Europe just before heading home was rough.  I don't know how I fit everything I had into my bags while still keeping everything within the weight limit, but I did.

My favorite bags for road trips or weekend trips are just that, my weekender bags!

My favorite of the three I used for this trip is definitely my Vineyard Vines weekender.  I purchased this last summer while I was working at VV and couldn't be happier with the product.  I was sold when I looked inside and saw it was lined with a navy and white gingham pattern.  It's perfect.  Now, a year later, I still love it.  It's held up extremely well as I've brought it with me back and forth between school and home (which includes a flight).

My other weekender is from Marley Lilly.  I think I got this for around $60 so I'm not sure if they bumped up the price, or if I got it on sale.  The quality difference between this one and the VV bag is dramatic.  The ML bag is thinner and the quality of the canvas/"leather" handles really isn't the best.  Plus, this bag is slightly smaller.

Last week I purchased a Llbean Boat and Tote.  I don't know what has taken me so long to buy one.  I picked the large bag in navy with a navy monogram.  It's great for a road trip because I can keep it at my feet and store everything I will need during the trip in it (i.e. laptop, phone charger, etc).  I'm also going to use this to take all my things with me to the beach on the trip!

What's your favorite travel bag?


  1. I really love your Llbeen Tote! I'm definitely going to consider buying one in the future for road trips, it seems perfect for that.


  2. You won't regret purchasing the L.L. Bean tote! I have a few, some of them dating back to middle school, and they're still in great condition!

  3. I usually use my regular VV bag for weekend trips but I think it's about time I get one big weekender bag. Love your choices!

    Ane | Basque Prep

  4. They're all so cute! I own the second one but I'm dying for that LL Bean tote!

    Emma | Seeking the South



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