July 21, 2015

Quasi Romper

There was the cutest boutique near our hotel in Madrid called Nud.  In the window I saw the outfit I'm wearing and just had to go in to try it on.  Originally, I thought it was a romper and was surprised to see that this outfit is actually two separate pieces.  That made me fall even more in love as the infinite combinations of outfit flooded my mind.  The top and shorts are made by a company, Second Female, which I had never heard of before purchasing this outfit.

I don't think I walked into a single store while in Europe that wasn't having a sale.  The top and shorts were marked down to about sixty euros each, which really isn't too expensive (also the dollar is super strong against the euro right now!).  I was pretty surprised to see the price because the material felt more expensive.  Upon arriving home however, I looked for the set online and was disappointed to find that it's more expensive online!

While the price online is a slightly bigger investment than what I paid, it would've been worth if for me to pay that price based on how much I've already worn this outfit.  It's just so comfortable and I love knowing that I can wear these pieces separately.  I know I'll be wearing the top with jeans in the colder months.

I've never thought of wearing matching separates in this way before and it's made me so excited to be on the lookout for similar things.  Second Female has a few other similar pieces so I would suggest searching their website if you like the idea of this outfit!


  1. How cute is this? I'm obsessed with that two piece outfit.


  2. You look beautiful girl, I love your romper!!
    xo, Syd

  3. This is such a nice look! I love the pattern on the pieces.


  4. I adore this set! I feel like both the shorts and top could be worn on their own as well as together.

    Running Alyssa



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