July 23, 2015

I love GoPro

I've been in a little bit of a blogging funk ever since I came back from Europe.  I guess I lost the momentum after writing a post everyday for the past six months to writing nothing for six weeks.  I'm trying to get back into it- I really am! I need to have a day to sit down and brain storm some topic ideas, but in the mean time I wanted to talk a little about my beloved GoPro.

I've been using a GoPro Hero 3+ for a little over a year now and I love it.  It's simply an amazing camera (emphasis on the simple).  I mainly use it to document trips I go on, but I'm considering filming clips from this upcoming school year to compile into a short movie.  I really like that idea and already have some great ideas of clips to film, so you may see that at the end of next May.

In Italy I filmed a short video (which you may have already seen), and I also filmed another in France and Spain.  The first time I ever experimented with my GoPro was last May in Iceland.  I still love watching that video back and re-living the experience I had in the amazing country.  I love having videos in addition to my pictures because it transports me back into that moment and is so much more powerful than simple pictures.

France and Spain 2015

Iceland 2014

It's interesting to see each video because as time has gone on I've gotten more into editing and filming them and as I'm preparing for a trip to the Vineyard next week I'm excited to try out new things with the go pro (I bought a suction cup mount for the car!).  

Hopefully ya'll find the GoPro interesting and enjoy these videos, though they aren't very fashion related.  I promise tons of outfit posts will be coming next week! 

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  1. I so agree about the GoPro! My dad got one a few months ago and I love playing with it and using it to make videos; it's definitely a super fun product!




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