May 12, 2015

Summer Rompers

Who doesn't love a good romper? Rompers are so easy and just as comfortable, and perfect for the summer time! I hate having to put together a multiple piece outfit when it's so hot out so I usually gravitate towards dresses and rompers rather than skirts and shorts.  However, finding the right romper can be hard to find.  Not every romper will look good on everyone seeing as we all are proportioned differently, so it can be quite a search to find some that you love (still haven't found a jumpsuit I love).

As I've been putting this together I've fallen in love with the black romper (only $29!).  I hardly have any black in my wardrobe so I sometimes struggle when all my friends are getting ready to go out wearing black and I feel like I should be wearing the color too.  I've definitely acquired a few more pieces of black in my wardrobe since going to college! 

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