May 5, 2015

Prom: My Experiences + Tips

Ah, Prom.  The big night you look forward to a lot of your teen/pre-teen years.  Everyone get's dressed up and looks perfect, so you can't wait to have your chance.  All the stress, rushing around, and prepping for just one night. While it may not be all it's cut out today, prom can be pretty fun.  Someone on tumblr (please send me your post requests!) asked me to do a post about prom, and here we are! My brother's prom is a week from this Friday and I'm really excited to go to the pre-party to be the one behind the camera this year.

The Date
Since my high school is fairly small Senior and Junior prom is held together on the same night.  Making this fairly difficult to find dates (cue the prama: prom drama).  My grade was definitely uneven with the girl to guy ratio so finding dates became a big issue.  I was luckily enough to be asked by my friend, Max my Junior year.  (My brother is going with his sister this year! I think it's so fun because Max and I went together when we were their age).  My Senior year I ended up asking a Sophomore who knew a lot of people in the senior class and I knew would've enjoyed going to prom.

Hair, Makeup, and The Dress!
My Junior year was definitely more experimental with the whole beauty scene.  I went and tried out this hair and makeup place in my town but was really unimpressed with the results (thank god I tried it out ahead of time).  I honestly ended up looking like a vampire, so I decided to do my makeup myself for the actual event.  I ended up going to my brother/dad's hairdresser for my hair, curls with some braids holding it back.  My Junior year I ended up wearing an orange Rebecca Taylor dress and my Senior year a magenta colored Notte by Marchesa dress!

My senior year I got a little more adventurous and went into NYC for both my hair and makeup.  NYC is only about 40 minutes from me and home to so many more options.  I went to Rouge for my makeup and loved the way it turned out.  Very natural but still a little more than my everyday look! Then for my hair I went to Cutler (around the corner from Rouge!).

Like I mentioned my school was fairly small.  My grade was made of about 70 students, so usually one Junior hosts the Junior pre-prom and one Senior hosts one for the Seniors.   I'm really grateful that this was the tradition at my school because it made it less stressful and really fun! Everyone you wanted to get pictures with was there.  One of my friends had the pre-prom both years and has the nicest house, which was perfect for pictures (Hi, Dylan if you're reading this).  Unfortunately my Senior year it rained but we still had fun nonetheless!  My Junior year we rented a limo, which honestly ended up to be more drama than it was worth so Senior year I drove my date and my friend and her date!

Both years a friend had people over after the prom.  Everyone stayed the night which was really fun too.  My Senior year we went to my friends beach house for the day.  At a lot of schools people rent a house for the weekend, but I'm thankful that my friend invited us for the day!

If you have any questions about anything prom related please leave a comment of message me on Tumblr!

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