April 3, 2015

Friday Finds

Easter Basket Giveaway Ya'll!! I'm participating in the most amazing giveaway! How cool would it be to win a Kate Spade bag, Lilly Pulitzer Scarf, Raybans, Jack Rogers AND a $275 gift card to Nordstrom!? (Pretty cool).  Head over to my instagram to see how you can enter! 

50mm 1.4 lens After realizing that my telephoto lens wasn't exactly cutting it for my outfit photos I was in the market for a new one to do exactly what I want! I saw Isabella (Yep It's Prep) and Claire (Precious as a Peony) talking about how much they love theirs so I decided to head over to best buy to make the purchase! The person who helped me ended up convincing me to get a different lens than I originally intended but I am very happy with it!  

Home!! On Wednesday I flew home to spend the easter/passover weekend at home with my family! I am so excited to be back (my first time since Christmas!).  Although I only have Friday off, I planned my semester so that I would save my skips so that I could miss class on Thursday and Monday.  I'm so happy I did this because it's nice to have a long weekend at home! This is also the explanation for my sub-par post yesterday (sorry)!

What have ya'll been up to this week?

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