March 4, 2015

Staying Organized Mid-Semester + GIVEAWAY

Staying organized with school work can be tough, especially mid semester.  Things start getting crazy as the weather gets warmer and all you want to do is spend your time outside instead of in the library.  By this point, your books have probably gotten a little ripped and have started filling up more and more.

Plan out your week early. I cannot stress enough how much of a difference planning out your week can make! On Sunday or Monday I like to sit down with my agenda and read through what I have that week (I put all my assignments in here at the beginning of the semester when I get the syllabus).  From here, I'll add these assignments to my calendar that hangs next to my desk.  Knowing what's coming up that week allows you to use your time wisely to prepare for everything.

Take notes in a notebook.  In all of my classes there are a handful of people taking notes on a computer or tablet.  For me, this has never worked out.  It's so much easier to take notes in a physical notebook and it's been proven that the muscles used to write are linked to your memory while the muscles used to type are not.

Write down assignments in a planner.  I cannot stress how important it is to have all of your assignments in one place.  As much as you think you can remember everything you will need to do, you won't.  A lot of teachers (in college at least) don't tell you what your homework is each night.  You'll have to look on your syllabus for that.  Keep reading to see how you can win a planner of your own! Even if you already have one, why not have a fresh one to revamp your semester?

Use one notebook for all your classes.  This semester I've been using a five subject notebook for all of my classes.  Each class gets one section of the notebook.  It has been working out really well so far because I always have all of my course materials on me.  If I find that I have a few hours free in between a few classes I can head to the library to study and do not have to worry about going back to my dorm to pick up books.

Find a study method that's best for you.  This may be different for each class.  I find that with each class my methods of studying are different.  For math I'll go over practice problems, but for classes like Spanish I'll make notecards.  As I've shared before, this is my first semester taking a class for the Fashion Media major that I am pursuing.  I have my first test in this class on Friday and I've found that making a visual outline has been most helpful.  Because we're learning about silhouettes of dresses in different time periods, it wouldn't make sense to be doing something non-visual.

Now for the giveaway...

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