February 26, 2015

Tips on Posting Consistently

When I first started my blog, I posted very randomly.  There would be a post and then nothing for a month and a half.  Earlier this year, I decided that I wanted to change that, and I would try and post everyday (Monday through Friday), and I'm very happy that I've been able to accomplish that goal, but it hasn't always been easy.  Sometimes it feels like I have nothing to write about, and I sit with writers block for a few hours before something comes to me, or I have so much work that I feel like I might not be able to balance it all.

I've come to a method that works really well for me to have my blog posts planned out ahead of time so that I'm ready to post them each day!

One // Find Inspiration
Reading can be the best way to find inspiration for blog posts.  Whether it's a magazine, buzzfeed, or another blog, reading someone else's work can be great at sparking ideas for your own! (Though it is important to make sure there ideas are your own).

Two // Brain Storm
When I have a spare few moments I sit down with my computer and open up blogger.  If something comes to my mind I'll open up a new post and title it.  If I have some specific ideas I'll jot them down in the post before scheduling it and saving it.  That way, I have an idea for a post on that day and can go back to it later.  I usually have a weeks worth of posts scheduled at a time.  Some are completed while others are just a title!

Three // Back Up Posts
I have a few posts that I have in my drafts on blogger that could be posted at any time.  I hate to say it but these posts are sort of fillers.  Unlike a "Friday Finds" or "Spring Break Essentials" type of posts, these don't have to do with a specific date so they can be posted at any time.  Having a bank of a few safety posts is really helpful in the situations where you either forget to draft up a post or realize that you never wrote anything past the title (I'm guilty of doing this sometimes!)

Four // Weekly Posts
Having a series that goes up weekly can be really nice when it comes to posting consistently.  For example, on my blog I have "Friday Finds".  It's nice to have these posts to rely on to share some things I've found over the week that want to share, but also so that I know each week what one of my five posts will be.

Five // Take a Break
Don't push yourself to crank out a ton of blog posts all at one time.  If you're not feeling inspired, then you won't produce great content.  Taking breaks and doing something fun can bring your greatest ideas, so don't sweat it if you are having writers block!

Have any other tips? Leave them in a comment! 

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