January 2, 2015

Friday Finds

First Friday Finds of the new year!! woo!

The Age of Adeline
I stumbled upon this trailer yesterday and I already can't wait for the movie to come out.  The Benjamin Button-esque storyline is set to come to theaters in April, but I don't know how I will wait that long! I'm a huge fan of Blake Lively (she's also absolutely stunning) and I'm so excited to see that she plays the lead in this film.  I feel like it's a different sort of storyline so I'm excited to see how it turns out!

Tuna Tataki 

My dad ordered this dish at an asian fusion restaurant we went to on our recent trip to Florida.  I asked if I could try a bite, and I fell in love.  My family and I go to sushi once or twice a week at home and while I've tried some rolls with raw tuna, I've never tried it just plain.  Since trying it last week I think I've had it three times, I'm obsessed! I also tried a bite of my dad's yellow tail sushi tonight and loved that too! Something about 2015 has got me adventurous with my raw foods and I'm loving it! :)

I've had my record player for about a year now, but I recently got really in to playing my vinyls.  I haven't gotten new vinyls since I first got the record player for my birthday.  I purchased Ed Sheeran's "x" two weeks ago, and I love how relaxing it is to listen to via record player.  I also received The 1975 vinyl and the She & Him vinyl for christmas! I'm obsessed with vinyls that are a little different than the typical black record.  The 1975 one is clear and the of Monsters and Men is pink! How fun!

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