January 15, 2015

{DIY} Easy Photo Clothes Pin Line

I was bored one day over break so I decided to take a trip to Michael's, which is where I usually end up if I'm bored and have scrolled through Pinterest a little too long.  While I was in there I noticed some clothes pins and thought I could do a project with them.  After a little longer of strolling with paint and twine in my basket I was ready to start on my photo clothes pin line! I have a blank wall at in room at home and I wanted a way to display my pictures easily without frames.  This DIY is super easy, anyone can do it!

You'll Need: 
* clothes pins
* paint 
* tape
* foam brush
* twine 
* nails
* hammer

Step 1
Start by taping off part off my clothes pin so that you can section off where you want the paint to be and where you don't.  Once doing this mix your paints (I mixed a hot pink and a coral color) until you have the perfect color and begin painting the ends

Step 2
Let the clothes pins dry then remove the tape.  After doing this grab your hammer, nails, and twine and head over to the space you want your line to go.  Tie a knot around one nail and hammer into the wall, then see how long you want your line to be and give it a little slack so it's not a tight line.  Tie a knot around another nail and hammer.  Repeat this for as many rows as you'd like.

Step 3
Now you're ready to start pinning up your photos! How easy!

Do you have any DIYs you've tried lately? Link them down below!

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