January 22, 2015

Birthday {OOTD}

Today is my 19th birthday! Yay!! This is my first birthday celebrating away from home, which is a little sad to me because in my family birthdays are a big deal.  I bummed that I don't get to see my family or have my mom cook me my favorite meal but the package that arrived from them was a great replacement.

I can't believe I'm already 19, which means this is my last year as a teenager.  I kind of always felt like my teenage years would last forever.  As much as I want to get older, I'm getting nostalgic about my childhood slipping away.  I no longer live at home and there's a lot more responsibility placed upon me and I know it'll only grow as I get older and eventually graduate and get a real job.  It's scary to think about what's to come but for right now I'm embracing 19.

not pictured: the confetti I threw up in attempt to be "cute" that flew out of frame leaving me looking awkward 

top / pants / vest / shoes / necklace (bauble bar)

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