December 3, 2014

Easy Gift for Friends

I was browsing through Pinterest earlier today and came across a pin on this DIY project on Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments and couldn't get over how cute they were!!  I realized what a perfect gift these would make for my friends! I'm doing a secret santa with a group of my friends, which means I'm not getting a present for each of my friends.  I still wanted to give them each something small and inexpensive and this is just the thing I was looking for!

I ran to target a few hours after seeing the pin to gather the things I would need and assembled some of the ornaments tonight, and I'm loving the result!

To make ten ornaments:

-set of clear ornaments (you can find them very easily by searching on google, but I've linked a set from oriental trading)

Start by cleaning each ornament in the sink to make sure they're ready for the hot cocoa mix to go inside.  Make sure to let them dry before adding in the ingredients.  Then, carefully put in 2 individual packs of hot cocoa mix in each ornament.  I found that the easiest way to do this was by using a funnel made with some scrap paper.  

Next, pour in the sprinkles.  Once you get a good amount in there you'll be able to shake the ornament gently to even them out.  Next, pop in the marshmallows a few at a time until you're satisfied with how many are inside.  

That's it!! It's that easy.  And the best part?  Each ornament comes to just $1.57 each! I love how inexpensive this gift is because it's a great gift to give to all of your close friends and you don't have to worry about spending too much money! 

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