December 15, 2014

A Coffee Date with... The Pdx Prepster!

I'm so excited to launch this new chat series on Dash of Serendipity: "A Coffee Date with..."  Talking over coffee is a casual and fun way to learn more about someone, without the pressure of a formal interview.  So, I call this a "chat" series for that very reason.  I want the people I interview to feel relaxed and at ease while answering my questions as if we we're sitting across from each other at a local coffee shop.



I'm thrilled to welcome Natalie from The Pdx Prepster in the debut installment of the series! This Portland native is a lover of all things coffee which makes her a perfect fit for this chat series, as we are having a "coffee date".  She has a passion for all things colorful and monogrammed and has an eye for putting together effortlessly chic preppy ensembles.  Take a peak at her blog here!

First off, since we're on a "coffee date", what's your go-to drink at Starbucks?  
Right now I have been having a ton of fun trying out all the different holiday drinks. The peppermint mocha is my favorite but I usually ask for 1/2 the syrup to prevent a sugar coma! The seasonal drinks are a little too sweet. During the regular year my go to is a double shot latte with one pump syrup. It certainly gets me caffeinated and is delicious! 

Where does pdx come from, and what does it mean?
PDX is a nickname for Portland, Oregon. Its the acronym for our airport. When I was in high school the PDX airport carpet received a lot of attention (look up #pdxcarpet) and people started using the term “PDX” when referring to Portland. I liked the ring of it and used it in my blog title. I have always joked that the city of Portland is way too cool for me, so I’m probably super lame for using the term PDX ;) 

A clothing item I can't live without is _________ because...
A clothing item I cant live without is a great pair of black flats (These are my current favorites:

Dying over the washi tape space bar!

If you could only hose one social media platform to be on from now on, which would it be? why?
Definitely Instagram! I love snapping photos and I love seeing other peoples as well. I think that Instagram provides a great opportunity to capture life's little moments! I love when someone manages to take a photo of something as ordinary as coffee with a friend and manages to make it look stunning. 

My biggest fashion pet peeve is... 
 I tend not to have a “fashion pet peeve” as long as the person is confident in what they are wearing. I think one of the most rewarding aspects of personal style is that its just that, personal. Ive seen people totally rock clothes that weren’t my personal taste, but they were so confident that they looked fantastic in them.

What's your favorite thing about Portland?
My favorite thing about Portland is its emphasis on small business. Some of my favorite places from growing up here are small and local. We have a huge selection of local coffee roasters, brewers, retailers, and restaurants. It makes Portland really unique! 

and your least favorite thing? 
My least favorite has to be the weather. I’m used to it and I would probably be uncomfortable living somewhere warm but it can definitely be a downer to wake up to so much rain. Its beautiful and yucky at the same time. 

You would probably catch me on ______ while shopping online.
You would probably catch me on Nordstroms while shopping online. They are outstanding at returns and exchanges  and the shipping is always free! 

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  1. Great interview! I have an interview series on my blog too and I just love learning more about people!
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