November 26, 2014

Black Friday Survival Guide

I may be crazy, but I actually love Black Friday.  I think it's so interesting to observe the rush of people scrambling to buy the perfect gifts for a lower price.  For at least the past three years I've taken a trip to the mall on the Friday after Thanksgiving to try and get some deals for myself.  I know that so many people stay clear of any shopping center on this day because it can be very overwhelming, but if you plan it right it can go very well.

Be Realistic Don't go into the mall or shopping center expecting to be able to shop crowd and stress free, that won't happen.  You will be waiting for a spot in the parking lot, in the dressing room, and on line to check out.  That's the reality.   

Have a Game Plan You'll be thankful you know which stores you want to hit and in what order when you step into the mall and you're met with a rush of people.  If you're shopping with others deciding what stores to go to and when can be stressful as it is, but when you add the busy atmosphere you may end up causing more of a problem.  

Be Patient Just because there's a huge rush of people doesn't mean your manners need to go out the window.  Be nice to the people around you, even if they aren't as nice with you.  Be patient with the sales people because they're trying their best too.  There's been a never ending rush of people since the doors opened that morning.  Since I'll be working in retail this Black Friday I ask that you please be patient! :)

Expect Less If you're expecting to get incredible deals on everything on your christmas list, don't.  I've found that expecting nothing makes Black Friday better.  The past few years I've gone into the mall not being 100% sure of the things I would buy.  Yes, I had my eye on things but I wasn't set on getting anything.  I like going in like this because then any deal you get that day will be unexpected.  

Good Luck! 

Stay tuned for my Cyber Monday guide! (For those of you too afraid to leave the house on Friday)

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