December 15, 2013

The Perfect Congratulatory Gifts!!

It's the time of year where so many high school seniors who applied early to a school I hearing back.  I swear every time I refresh Facebook I see another *insert college name here* Class of 2018!! For some reason I am compelled to like every single status, tweet or instagram about someone being accepted.  Haven't seen this person in 4 years? "Like".  I think we went to pre-school together? "Like".  I guess it's probably because I know how difficult and stressful the process is that seeing people get into a school just makes me so happy!

Since it's such a big deal, I thought it would be nice to give me friends a little something in order to say Congratulations! I have about 5 really close friends that I would like to congratulation in a more special way than just liking their Facebook status.

I've you've been reading my tumblr lately you'll know that i'm obsessed with fornash.  They make amazing enamel jewelry that's just perfect.  They also make a lot of game day jewelry which clearly is a perfect gift to congratulate a friend on getting into college!
They make this fabulous "gecko bangle" that I am obsessed with!! I have one from the normal collection (there are some schools that have colors that would be in this collection) but making them in game day colors was brilliant!!! Plus their only $25! 

I'm really loving their monogram keychains! I doubt the colors above are of any school but you could always get them in your friend's school's colors!! It's a little bit more personal and very thoughtful.  The background disc comes in White, Red, Pink, Orange, Green, Aqua, Navy, Black, and Bubble Gum Pink! You can pick from a variety of monogram colors such as Orange, White, Black, Apple Green, Hot Pink, and Gold! 

I can't wait for some of my friends to decide where they are going so that I can order one of these items for them! 

Congratulations to anyone who has gotten into a college already!!! :)


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