November 18, 2013

Lazy Girl's Guide to: Looking Cute in a T-Shirt

We all have those days where we've been staying up late studying or we're completely under the weather, and we just don't have the motivation to wear something super cute.  Sweatshirts are my last resort when i'm feeling this way.  To me,  sweatshirts should be saved for after school/work when you are just hanging out.  So, instead I usually turn to a t-shirt.

I've found some great t-shirts at gap, like the one i've featured today.  I love how this t-shirt is a little bit different than your average t-shirt.  The slight pattern in the cotton, and the color adds a little extra to the comfy outfit.

This shirt is very casual on it's own, but to make it more dressy for school i've paired it with one of my favorite j.crew factory necklaces (similar).  It adds a touch of sparkle, and since the necklace isn't too heavy, I can barely feel it which keeps this outfit pretty comfy.

I'm wearing this t-shirt with my J.Crew Pixie pants, which I like to call my almost leggings.  They're almost leggings in the sense that they are so very comfortable, but they aren't quite leggings because they are thick and they have a zipper in the back.  They are perfect for me because I can get away with these at school!

I'm wearing my J.Crew Field jacket over the shirt which completes the outfit giving it a very laid back, but cute look.  I would probably wear a pair of riding boots with this outfit because I feel that riding boots make an outfit instantly look amazing.  Or it could just be that I love boots!

I hope this has inspired you to opt for dressing up a simple t-shirt instead of throwing on a sweatshirt next time you are feeling lazy!


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