November 13, 2013

C.Wonder Flash Sale!! (1 Day left!!)

I am so excited to wear this outfit I put together for tomorrow! I received this Scottie Sweater in the mail today from C.Wonder, and I am obsessed!! I was reluctant to buy it for awhile but then I saw it had elbow patches, and not just any elbow patches, RED elbow patches.  I was sold.  (and it was on sale).  I paired it with my C.Wonder shrunken boyfriend gingham button down and my red c.wonder pants! I guess tomorrow is just going to be a C.Wonder day! I didn't even plan on wearing them all together until I started trying things on!! 

I wanted to post a little preview to my outfit tonight because C.Wonder is having their flash sale (enter here) only though tomorrow, so I wanted to let you all know about this sweater as soon as possible!!!! 


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