January 21, 2015

Dorm Makeup Storage

It's taken me all of last semester to realize that my old makeup storage arrangement wasn't working at all.  I've never showed pictures of my desk before my trip to the container store this weekend (it changed everything), but imagine those little white plastic drawers from cvs piled up high (and overflowing) with makeup splayed all over my desk.  Basically, it just wasn't working.  

I knew I wanted to head to the container store to get their folding hutch (you can kind of see it in the first picture) because I was in desperate need of some sort of shelving for practicality and so I could display some of my favorite things! While browsing through the store I came across a bunch of lucite drawers and  realized that while stacked they make the greatest storage solution for my makeup and other beauty items! 

Since the drawers and dividers are stacked a lot of space is available on my desk for things like my lamp, hair products, and anything else!

My nail polish fits perfectly in the smaller drawers!

I used the other two for hair ties and bobby pins and some skin care samples!

The big divider came with a lipstick tray which is perfect for not only my lip products but my tweezers as well! (hiding in the back).  I also love that I can fit my naked pallets easily in the back. 

On the other side I have some things that I use on the regular such as my cleansers, tiny speaker, and in the back all of my makeup brushes!

Want to see more of my dorm room? Comment down below and I'll try to post it on here :)


  1. This has inspired me to finally get my makeup organized.
    I have two acrylic organizers already but I haven't gotten around to setting it all up yet.
    Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. You're welcome!! I lived with a disorganized mess all last semester so when I came back to school after break I had no where to put all my makeup that I took home with me! I'm so happy I made a trip to the container store and solved my problem!

  2. this is such a great post! it has me inspired to do the same in my dorm! your blog is the cutest! i absolutely love it!! xo


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